Robert Sedrak Qocharyan is the second president of Armenia, an initiator and main founder of Yacht Club in Yerevan, an author of the idea of “mass production” of windsurfing in Armenia. You know there are people, who having opportunities and being able to do something, are proud of it and feel their advantages towards the others. And there are other people (their number is less) who want to share with their knowledge with others and give an opportunity to feel that happiness. So, MR. Robert Qocharyan is one of such unique people who with his employment finds free time to be engaged in windsurfing, but also finds possibilities to create a modern club on Sevan beach, where each child, who wants can navigate. Maybe, he is a sober and clever statesman for adults, but he is an elder friend for children who can talk with them on equal, praise them for their successes and be proud of them.

     Mher Tovmasyan - is a founder and president of Yacht Club in Yerevan, has been in that sphere since its foundation, is the sport “Master” of Soviet Union, the member of European Union “Ships in the bottle” /his works twice won the first place in global competitions/. He is a prizewinner of the festival of author song. But all these hobbies remained as hobbies, besides the third one – yacht sport which became a job and even “mania”. Mher is the chief ideologist and the expert of popularization. While, the others were making discussions on the topic “It would be good……one day”, he bore the obligation to support the camp life in Hayrivanq on his shoulders (by the way, non-fragile) with his less material means. It is known that patience, work, persistence and the most important thing - loyalty are often awarded in a real life: today he has his own modern competitive club, school, daughter, who is also interested in windsurfing – what else a person need to be happy!

     Lara Movsesyan -club manager is an experienced teacher, has been in yacht sport’s sphere since 1993. Lara is the founder and manager of the club, jointly is a psychologist, a board member of referees, an organizer of competitions, a fervent defender of children rights and, simultaneously, their strictest teacher. She spares no effort for children to be eaten completely and to be healthy. Her slogan in work is to be in right place in right time and to do the necessary work in that moment. In short, she is the “hostess” of the club.

     Mishel Zaqaryan is our friend from France – the official coach of Sara Herbert presenting the Armenian flag. Successes of his trust let us hope that our children trained by him every summer will also reach the world heights. Mishel is a special person: he is a fan of windsurfing and is fond of children who like windsurfing. And as always, it is mutually – we all like him very much.

     Igor Grigoryan -has been engaged in sport all his life and has been attracted with ship since 1998. He is a coach of general physical training, the only member of the club who has a professional education. May be, it is the reason that he always knows exactly what the sportsman needs, what to eat, what exercises to do for the development of this or that muscle. Being the admirer of the sport, he thoroughly teaches children in the field, on surf-walkway and in water. He can stop the beginner on the surf for several hours as he thinks it’s natural. In a word, Igor is a revelation for beginners.

      Mushegh Barseghyan -“Pushok” (called by friends) is a coach. Children are fond of him for his calm character, for explaining difficulties availably. Mushegh has an authority of experienced sailor, as he has passed all historical way of that ship in the crew “Kilikia”. Besides, he implements reinstallation duties and all carry their torn and broken surfs to him as to “the ambulance”. Mushegh is also going to travel around the world by yacht.

     Vahag Matevosyan - is a silent rescuer. As it’s known, this work “doesn’t tolerate speediness”. He always smiles and you understand that your life is in reliable hands. Vahag is a member of the crew “Kilikia”, so an experienced sailor. Unfortunately, he isn’t going to travel, but somebody will temporarily replace him..

     Armen Nazaryan - is a founder of the club and a head coach, one of the old members in windsurfing club. He was the person who brought that main idea to Armenia for the first time. He with his enthusiastic friends were navigating on the surf made by them and were looking for ways to organize civilized development of that sport in Armenia. In those difficult years he was the one of old members who continued to attend the polytechnic base preserving the unrealized dream of converting the sport. It passed 30 years but now he also knows all news and theories concerning to yacht sport in the world, is full of new ideas and is able to find ways of realizing them. Arik (friend call them in such a way) is a member of the crew “Kilikia”, has passed through the whole historical way and now is going to travel around the world by yacht.

     Mushegh Hovakimyan-“the Grandfather” himself, has been in the sphere of yacht sport since 1982. He is a coach-tutor. Mushegh is the treasury of human wisdom. He always knows how, in general, find the approach to children and to everyone especially. Children are ready to listen to him for hours, are fond of going expeditions, fishing with him, he, at the same time, manages to increase their psychological and cultural level. From the first day the Grandfather has explained to them that uneducated and less intellectual person can’t be engaged in windsurfing. In short, Mushegh will never let anybody become a stupid coach.

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